An ongoing video series documenting the many poisons (physical, psychological & spiritual) within our sick, poisoned world.
"The reality will scare you but the Truth shall set you free."    Email: [email protected]

A Poisoned World

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2015 UPDATE:

The archives were recently hacked and 75% of videos were deleted.  Please be patient while the video archives are re-uploaded.


Eternal gratefulness goes out to the many concerned humanitarian citizens who have created documentary / news videos in the name of raw Truth  exposing the evil poisons in the world -- citizens without whom this APW series would not have been possible. 

This APW series has now been updated/retranscoded (up to part 151) so that the videos are viewable on mobile devices as well as on a computer.    Download to regular computer OR playback the video (follow the download links) directly on your mobile devices (AVOID THE AD BANNERS/POPUP WINDOWS). New videos will now resume production shortly.  Please check back often for the latest uploads.

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