An ongoing video series documenting the many poisons (physical, psychological & spiritual) within our sick, poisoned world.
"The reality will scare you but the Truth shall set you free."    Email: [email protected]

A Poisoned World

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Welcome to the raw truth.

Below is the ongoing "A Poisoned World" video series archives:


2015 UPDATE:

The archives were recently hacked and 75% of videos were deleted.  Please be patient while the video archives are re-uploaded.

Videos are viewable/downloadable for free onto computers & mobile devices (must be compatible with MP4 files). 

2019 UPDATE:
Youtube shutdown my APW project for the last time.  So done with them, they work for NWO. 

Will be reuploading to a new Video Sharing platform shortly.  

Meantime, lease check this website often for updates to view, download, & spread as much of these videos as you can -- TIME IS SHORT!
In Health, Peace, Truth, Wisdom, Humanity,

Below are the previously published "A Poisoned World"  playlists by topic, however the links are no longer active.

APW Vol. 1 - A Poisoned World (intro)

APW Vol. 2 - Psychotropic Drugging & Vaccine Poisons

APW Vol. 3 - Cancer Lies

APW Vol. 4 - Monsanto GMO Poisons

APW Vol. 5 - Psychological & Spiritual Poisons

APW Vol. 6 - Pharmacy, Pharmakiea, Sorcery, Drugs

APW Vol. 7 - Gulf Oil Spill Truth

APW Vol. 8 - HAARP, GA Guidestones, & FEMA Coffins

APW Vol. 9 - Govt Terrorism, NWO in Schools, Comets, Project Bluebeam, Alien Threat

APW Vol. 10 - FEMA Underground Denver Airport Fusion Centers

APW Vol. 11 - FEMA, Microchip, & NWO Letter

APW Vol. 12 - Zionists, Witnesses Murdered, & Our Last Real US President

APW Vol. 13 - Our True Heroes Murdered by NWO Kill-umi-Nazi

APW Vol. 14 - Dark Side of Entertainment Industry

APW Vol. 15 - NWO Symbology

APW Vol. 16 - New Galactic Order

APW Vol. 17 - Our Cultic Leaders

APW Vol. 18 - Trans-Humanism

APW Vol. 19 - Fallen Angels & Nefilim

APW Vol. 20 - Obama Nation Abomination

APW Vol. 21 - Satanic Ritual Abuse & Murder (playlist)